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TAC specializes in the design and implementation of evidence-based permanent supportive housing programs and initiatives that leverage mainstream affordable housing and sustainable services financing to meet the needs of low-income people with disabilities, people who are homeless, and people with other special needs.

TAC's specific expertise includes:

  • Conducting comprehensive analyses of state and local housing and human services policies and resources that can be aligned to systematically create more permanent supportive housing.
  • Providing expert consultation and research on best practice models and strategies used in others states and local jurisdictions.
  • Developing strategic recommendations and action steps to increase the availability of permanent supportive housing.
  • Designing comprehensive permanent supportive housing policy, programs, and initiatives which emphasize systemic partnerships and the leveraging of sustainable mainstream financing.
  • Conducting feasibility assessment and planning for the use of Medicaid as a sustainable fund source for supportive housing services, including assisting states with development of Medicaid waivers and state plan amendments for approval by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
  • Providing capacity building, technical assistance, and training for housing and service agencies and providers on best practice strategies for outreach, referral, prioritization, and community-based service delivery to help vulnerable individuals get and keep housing.  
  • Ensuring program implementation support and outcome monitoring through ongoing technical assistance, data tracking, and outcome and performance measurement.