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TAC helps federal, state, and local government develop appropriate statutory, regulatory, and financing approaches to foster best practices and high quality, cost-effective systems of care to meet the needs of vulnerable populations.

Types of assistance TAC offers include:

  • Conducting assessments of housing and human services system policies, resources, and practices via qualitative and quantitative data obtained from key informants and relevant data systems.
  • Identifying systems needs, gaps, and challenges, as well as opportunities for leveraging resources to support better access, delivery and management of housing and services.
  • Providing consultation and expertise on evidence-based and best practices in behavioral health, health care, and affordable and permanent supportive housing policy and practice.
  • Working with high-level policymakers and other leadership to examine fiscal and policy issues to support systems transformation and improvement.
  • Developing policy documents and financing proposals, including Medicaid waivers and state plan amendments, to support policy and practice improvements.
  • Identifying and recommending strategies to facilitate implementation of systems changes.
  • Providing implementation support through the development of procurement processes and requests for proposals, and the provision of direct technical assistance and training.